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Here's Your Guide to Move Up Into the House You Want

tyler j gramson


Saying goodbye to a home that’s been a part of your life for years can be bittersweet. Yet, when your current abode feels too large or demanding, downsizing can open up a world of possibilities for simpler, more fulfilling living. Those who have taken the downsizing leap often find themselves pleasantly surprised. As real estate […]

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2024 new year

Last year, the housing market slowed down because fewer folks were buying or selling homes. This happened because the Federal Reserve increased interest rates in 2022, making it more expensive to borrow money for homes. Plus, home prices were crazy high, which made things even harder for buyers. A lot of people who wanted to […]

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first time homebuyer couple

Becoming a homeowner for the first time in Portland, Oregon, might seem daunting in today’s market. Housing affordability hit record lows last year, and mortgage rates have been on the rise since 2021. Moreover, inventory shortages, particularly in starter homes and lower-priced condos, make the journey to homeownership a steep climb, with seasoned buyers often […]

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Our series, Love Selling Your Home, is your go-to resource for selling your home seamlessly and maximizing your financial gain. From finding the perfect real estate agent to navigating settlement day, we cover every step of the process in today’s dynamic market. Let’s start with the critical first step: selecting the right real estate agent. […]

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Housing affordability crumbles

Housing Prices The last few years of the housing market have been absolute insanity, but are we paying more for houses now than we did before? Have rental prices become more affordable? In this article, we will jump into the data and find out just how affordable of a market we’re currently in (Q2 2023). […]

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